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S.No. Addon Name Description
1 System Date as Voucher Date Module Automatically voucher dates are updated to System date during voucher entry. Minimize errors due to incorrect date of Voucher Entry.
2 Double Discount in Invoice Additional discount(Percentage) column in Invoice Entry. Save time with auto calculation of discount & net amount for a stockitem.
3 Simple Party Previous Balance in Invoice With the help of this Add-on you can print previous outstanding balance in an invoice
4 Show GST Percentage and HSN in Invoice Entry With the help of add-on you can see GST percentage and HSN. To avoid error of Billing
5 Duplicate Purchase Control Prevent duplicate purchase invoices from the same party with the same number ? this human error is prevented by this add-on
6 Last 5 sales details of Item during Sales Entry Last 5 sales details showing from the same party with the same item
7 Seal and Signature in Invoice (Export & Email) Set authorized Seal and Signature logo in Tally Default Invoice
8 Auto Email for Vouchers You can automatically Email vouchers immediately after saving these transactions
9 Voucher Type-wise Printer Setting You can set particular print configuration for different voucher types in one shot
10 Auto Receipt for Cash Sales with Multiple Modes (Eg. Cheque, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cash, Credit) Automatically create Receipt voucher for Cash Sales Entry
11 Block / De-activate Stock Item for Voucher Entry Users to block / de-activate Stock Items that are not required for during transactions
12 Block / De-activate Party Master Voucher Entry Users to block / de-activate Party Ledgers that are not required for during transactions
13 Auto pdf file after saving Invoice Automatically save pdf with filename billno and dated) to give a location
14 Stock Group wise Invoicing This add-on allows you to take a print of the Stock Items in a fashion where, all the stock items are grouped by their Stock Group Name when the invoice print is taken.
15 Set Outstanding Remarks for follow up purpose Easily followup Outstanding with remark in Outstanding group report
16 Negative Stock Control This module will prevent the user from entering negative stock quantity in the voucher Creation as well as Alteration.
17 Negative Cash Control Easily control over cash balance.
18 Auto Backup while closing and Opening Tally application Take backup during the opening and closing of the company data automatically to a specified destination in each Day of week ie. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc
19 Tally SMS Module (i).SMS Sending for Sales Invoice, Receipt and Payment Vouchers. (ii) Outstanding sms (iii) Customer Create own template sms.
20 Disable delete / cancel option for users Users could not delete or Cancel any vouchers without admin rights.
21 Cash Sales address Book Maintain Cash Sales party address details
22 Voucher approval The approved entries will only take the affect in books of accounts. The unapproved vouchers will not take affect. Also, an administrator can assign different types of vouchers to different approval authorities with specific approval limits. This solution also supports voucher checking before voucher approval process.
23 Envelope address printing Party address printing in Envelop cover. To save writing time in postal cover
24 Label printing & Address Book Multiple lable printing for group wise or selectable to Print
25 Vouchers Alteration History This add-on can keep track of entire voucher information starting from when it is created and by whom, and also the name of users who have altered the voucher with time stamp. Therefore, this add-on will help admin to audit the voucher modifications from different users
26 Gridlines in all tally report With this add on you can view and print reports with gridlines.
27 Multi description set in Stock Item Master With this Add-on you can enter multiple lines of description in the Stock Item masters. This is useful when the user has multiple lines of description to be entered in every voucher.
28 Last Selling Rate and Discount given for the Item by Party based. The Rate and Discount automatically comes in transactions for the selected party for the item.
29 Multi Accounting Voucher Printing Based on Party-wise With this add on you can use Multiple voucher printing option for a particular Party.
30 Cost Centre Opening Balance for Ledger and Transfer automatically split Data With this add on you can give opening balance for Costcenter for Ledger wise and It will also carry forword while split company data.
31 Detailed Balance Sheet Expand all ledgers and subgroups on the same screen in Balance sheet, No separate drill down required.
32 Standard cost and selling price set for Multiple items in same screen StockGroupwise Standard cost and selling rate setting for multiple stock items in same screen. To save time for entry.
33 Purchase Rate invisible to users To hide purchase rate in all tally report for users.
34 Backup, Restore option disable for users To safe data and avoid misuse tally data from users
35 Set Standard Rate or Price List as Inclusive Rate Inclusive rate taken automatically from selected price list and Manage price list as inclusive GST Rate
36 Control on account in Receipt or Payment Entries With this addon disable onaccount option while payment or Receipt to users. So compulsory users select billwise details in voucher entry.
37 Delivery address option Print for Tally Default Invoice with this addons you can select delivery address from list and also given printing option with yes or no.
38 Control Sales Bill based by Credit Period days Controls Sales transactions to be made for customers whose bill pass dues.does not allow the user to enter another sales entry for the same customer, if the credit days are due.
39 Billing Date Control for Users Billing Date Control for Users, only current date billing allowed. Not allowed for Back Date and Front Date Entries.
40 Simple Barcode Label Printing With this add on you can set print label size and select items to print label. The printing is allowed only laser printer.
41 Auto Cost Centre filling in Sales Entry It is used for shipping industries and cost centre used companies. To save entry time.
42 Auto Set Discount for Sales & Purchase Entry. Auto Set Discount for Voucher Entry in beginning, It will capture automatically to all Items discount. Also you can modify this discount.
43 Print user name in all reports and vouchers With this add on you can view and print reports with user name.
44 Additional Bank details in Invoice Print With this add on you can set and print addional bank details in Invoice
45 Groupwise Collection ageing report Help with this add on generates agewise analysis report on payment collected against bills.This report helps in better management of Credit.
46 Ledger outstanding display while invoicing With this Add-on, while recording transaction you can access Ledger outstanding. If you need not come out of the transaction screen. You can view these reports on a click of a button.
47 HSN Code display in Sales Register columnar report HSN Code display in Sales Columnar Report.
48 Stock Group wise Discount setting in Party Master In this module, User may define different discount Rate for different Stock Group on Ledger. In this way, user may opt for different discount rate for different items for a single ledger in single invoice.
49 Owner?s Dashboard Module Top MIS report showing in One Screen. This is useful for Owners.
50 Selectable Invoice Print from Daybook Many times we need to print random invoices, let say Invoice No 1, 5, & 11. In such situation we need to print required invoice one to one. No other option is there to print such random invoices together. Now, using this Add-on ?Selected Invoice Printing? you can do that on your finger tips. You can select desire invoices as many as random you want and press one button , it will print all selected invoices in one go.
51 Delete un used Masters @ Rs.500 On enabling this feature, you can delete all unused masters(Ledger,Cost Centre & Stock Items). By unused we mean that ledgers,Cost Centers and stock items etc., neither having an opening balance nor transactions.
52 Excel To Tally - Party Masters Import ledgers from excel asper our predefined format.
53 Excel To Tally - Stock Item Masters Import StockItems from excel asper our predefined format.
54 Excel To Tally - Payment Vouchers Import Payment voucher from excel to Tally as per our predefined format
55 Excel To Tally - Receipt Vouchers Import Receipt voucher from excel to Tally as per our predefined format
56 Excel To Tally - Journal Vouchers Import Receipt voucher from excel to Tally as per our predefined format
57 Excel To Tally - Sales Vouchers Import Sales account mode vouchers from excel to Tally as per our predefined format
58 Excel To Tally - Purchase Vouchers Import Purchase account mode vouchers from excel to Tally as per our predefined format
59 Automatic Sales create from Purchase with Margin option While create purchase entry, after saving voucher it will create sales voucher automatically.
60 Manage price levels in single screen This Add-On facilitates you to view multiple price lists in a single report so that you can compare the rates and modify the details accordingly.

ITR Registration and Filing